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back from holiday

Published on September 17, 2007

before we get stuck into this 18-post mother of all faux pas blog events, just a quick round-up of some things on the internets. i know some of you are dagging around here waiting for new posts, praying to the gods mccartney and cornelius for some kind of sign – blog absence can be shocking, yes, please pull yourselves together. enjoy these recommended products.

a random mp3 i came across i’ve been getting a lot of kicks out of: eDIT – Artsy Remix (feat The Grouch) from over at audiversity. this song makes me want to kick people in the nuts. anyone wearing cardigans, floppy fringes, will oldham beards, more than 3 hoodies on at once, aviators, etc. that guy i always see on the corner, with the cigarette, in the skinny jeans and the stripey t-shirt. ironic moustaches, homemade t-shirts, scarves, modular mix cds. oh hang on i own some or all of those things. ah anyway, songs that denounce ‘being cool’ are themselves usually cool, even if in doing so they posit their own coolness in the place of said ‘uncool coolness’… “may all men posit their own coolness.” i do believe martin luther king said that, or maybe it was morrissey.

palms out covered rjd2 and m.i.a in recent installments of their “sample wednesday” series. that is always entertaining. jimmmy….

stylus magazine with a good primer on “when indie labels go digital“. well worth a read. on the same tip, something i only recently got pointed towards by a friend – tunecore.com. they offer digital distribution into iTunes and other stores for indie artists and artist-run labels, and instead of taking a percentage of your earnings (like traditional distributors do), they just charge a flat fee per recording. holy new business model, batman! as my friend pointed out “it looks legit”, and it does have some big names attached… at least you know that if they somehow screw you out of your royalties, or go down the tubes without paying your money, some of the guys from the cure, the pixies and tapes n tapes will get screwed too. perhaps thats some consolation – although it is true that the pixies are from the seventh dimension and are therefore not effected by either conventional weapons, or dot com crashes (well known fact). but yes, this is not really an endorsement as such, but its interesting to look at. at the very least the tunecore faq has some facts about itunes payment schedules and price points that makes for interesting if somewhat nerdy reading.

my fave playlist-based mp3 blog motel de moka consistently has the goods. check out this playlist to catch some roam the hello clouds, esg and a completely ball-tearing amazing breakestra-style recording of afrika bambataa’s “planet rock” by german funk band breakout. the roam the hello clouds album is, by the way, finally out and its amazing, especially since it was recorded in only one day. australian laptop/trumpet/drums combo who have, if you are into that kind of thing, the best ‘dry indie humor band faq‘ ever.

other music i really been done enjoyin’ and you should get on with the njoyin of too

(more on him soon)

jj cale “troubadour” album, thanks justin one tard for the recommendation

lastly, the radio show that my friend and i started a few weeks ago, we are now making our show available from our website for mp3 download. when we figure out the technology – technology! – we’ll get our heads around this podcasting caper too. so, if you are in melbourne tuesday night, tune in on 102.7 (this week with guest ) – or else stream it live at rrr.org.au or download it after the fact at toandfro.com.au. i promise i won’t be blabbing about this show every week, only occasionally, well actually whenever i bloody feel like it. support public radio, bitches!

so. all this should keep you occupied for a bit. go check it all out then come back here and wait til later in the week, when my mega multipost super blog event will hopefully begin. there will be mp3s a-plenty.

and for the hell of it – its almost time to break out my ping pong table again. so before you come onna my house and challenge me to a game, here now learn about the fine art of table tennis:


  1. says:

    There’s actually a melbourne based company (who I used to work for) called Amphead who’ve been using that business model for a few years now.


    they aren’t very good at promoting it though.

    I’ve only just discovered to and fro but I saw that you played scott walker a few weeks back so I will tune in from now on.

  2. Tim says:

    hey jeremy, thanks for the comment. a friend of mine also recommended another distributor, one that in fact gets a shout in that stylus article i linked to – ioda. its also worth checking out.

    scott walker sure has that effect on people