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slow it down

Published on August 18, 2010

inspired by the 800% slow-down ambient remix of justin bieber that’s peacing out the internet right now, i thought i’d post up something i made a couple of years ago that works as a companion piece.

sure, it doesn’t have the cultural resonance of justin bieber but what can you do. i actually listen to this a lot. i thought that i had posted it here on the blog before, but a quick search shows that i hadn’t.

the original is angelo badalamenti’s theme from “twin peaks: fire walk with me”. the results are a bit darker than the biebz thing, which i think has a real ecstatic, redemptive kind of vibe to it.

MP3: Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me theme (slowed down)

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and hey here’s the ambient biebz, in case you haven’t heard it. inspired, and has been said elsewhere, beautiful. it is also the sound of a thousand undergraduate cultural studies essays being simultaneously conceived. 450,000 views and counting. this is like one grand communal ambient music orgasm, on the internet.

bonus beat: this great video of angelo badalamenti, at his piano, recalling the creation of the love theme from the original twin peaks theme. really endearing little interview. i now think all film score soundtracks should come with a commentary track.