/// Est. 2005 /// RIP 2012 /// Faux Pas is Tim Shiel, an electronic music maker from Melbourne ///


November 28, 2012

below is a list of everything i ever did under the name Faux Pas: four albums, three EPs, 22 remixes, and hours of cover versions, re-edits and oddities. most of it is available for free download.

my hope is that over the years to come, every now and then people will randomly stumble across this humble corner of the internet, get lost in this sea of songs and sounds, and think to themselves, “oh my… he really did have a lot of time on his hands, didn’t he?”

and then perhaps 1000s of years in the future, long after you and i are dead, aliens will land on earth and be able to recreate a virtual version of me based on clues i have left here, in The Music. presumably this futuristic resurrection will also involve the use of tachyon fields, nanobots, several black holes, and Haley Joel Osment.

i’ll be continuing to make music under different names & projects. i won’t be updating this blog any more. if you want to keep up with me, please visit me on or shoot me an email at .

to paraphrase Abba, “Thank me for the music, for giving it to me/you.”

Social justice issues no one talks about – I Grow Younger.

all my love

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Noiseworks (2010) – available via Bandcamp or iTunes

“Noiseworks pulses and breathes with unlikely details. Synthetic horns and harmonica and real violin from a guest player poke through the euphoric splash of ‘Chasing Waterfalls’, while canned strings sweep across the vibrant ‘Guillotine’. The album title is misleading: these tracks aren’t noisy in the least. Rather, Shiel brings a rainforest lushness to his scattershot electronic, pop, classical, and hip-hop influences. Noiseworks transcends mere collage to approach something like a pocket symphony.” – Doug Wallen, The Big Issue

Entropy Begins at Home (2006) – available via Bandcamp

“In his initial e-mail Shiel described his record as being “a mish-mash of afrobeat, jazz, psyche, folk, Casio, and home-recorded guitars,” and it’s difficult to think of a better, more succinct way to put it. Essentially it’s a psychedelic experience, a musical alchemy intended to depict vivid colors and bizarre patterns, euphoria through altered states of consciousness. It’s also, and this is the key part, incredibly pleasurable to listen to, in almost any circumstance.” – Nick Southall, Stylus Magazine


Remixes (2012) – available for free at Bandcamp

A remastered compilation of ten Faux Pas remixes from 2007-2012, including reworkings of Gotye, Caitlin Park, Pikelet, Worst Friends and more. See below for a complete list of Faux Pas remixes.

Lostworks (2011) – available for free at Bandcamp

Lostworks = dark side of Noiseworks // A 10-track compilation of lost songs made between 2008 and 2010, Lostworks is intended as a companion piece to Noiseworks, the second Faux Pas record. Track-by-track notes


Waterfalls (2008) – available for free at Bandcamp

Four-track EP that includes the tracks “Chasing Waterfalls” and “Rose’s Lament.”

Changes (2007) – available at Bandcamp or iTunes

Six-track EP features the summer single “Changes” alongside remixes of Pikelet, Aleks and the Ramps and Zeal.

Faux Feels (2005) – available for free at Bandcamp or iTunes

The very first Faux Pas release, sampling John Barry, Jethro Tull, Kings of Convenience and many others.


Presented in reverse chronological order. 10 of these remixes were compiled and re-mastered on the Remixes album, available for free here. Otherwise, follow the links for free downloads.

Caitlin Park – Baby Teeth (Faux Pas remix)
Worst Friends – Neve’s For None (Faux Pas remix)

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) (Faux Pas remix)
Super Melody – Worker Bee (Faux Pas remix)
Hammocks and Honey – Toolz (Faux Pas remix)
Congo Tardis #1 – Doala (Faux Pas remix)
Dream Kit – Cosmic Strut (Faux Pas remix)

Flying Scribble – Walk the Line (Faux Pas remix)
Ernest Gonzales – Falling Asleep To The Glow of the Television (Faux Pas remix)
Rat vs Possum – Binti Jua (Faux Pas remix)

Paul Dempsey – Ramona Was A Waitress (Faux Pas remix)
The Emergency – Vanishing Prize (Faux Pas remix)
Choir of Young Believers – Action/Reaction (Faux Pas remix) (unofficial) (instrumental mix here)
The Rectifiers – Blackbird (Faux Pas remix)

Underlapper – Renfield (Faux Pas remix) (a.k.a. “Renfield’s Dream” by Faux Pas)
Ollo – The If If (Faux Pas remix)
Inquiet – Rose Rose (Faux Pas remix) (a.k.a. “Rose’s Lament” by Faux Pas)

Aleks and the Ramps – Pisces vs Aquarius (Faux Pas remix)
Zeal – Yumi and the Sky (Faux Pas remix)
Pikelet – Bug-in-Mouth (Faux Pas remix)

Gotye – Coming Back (Faux Pas Back to Bellhead remix)


“Pretend Tough” (Aoi remix) (2010)
“Pretend Tough” (Pasobionic remix) (2010)
“Vanderbilt” (Lewis CanCut remix) (2010)
“Vanderbilt” (Pleasant Outcomes remix) (2010)
“Guillotine” (DOS4GW’s Heads Will Roll remix) (2010)
“Guillotine” (Crumbs remix) (2010)
“Silver Line” (Kharkov remix) (2009)
“Silver Line” (Kane Ikin remix) (2009)
“Silver Line” (Loopsnake’s El-Aurian edit) (2009)
Faux Pas – “Skwlver Line” (a remix of “Silver Line” – appears on Lostworks) (2009)


“Touch” (a cover of Noiseworks) (2009)
“Road to Nowhere” (feat. Tommy Spender) (a cover of Talking Heads) (2008)


“LIKE U” appears on 10 (A Decade of Feral Media) (2012)
“Live Shine See” (Cleptoclectics remix) appears on 10 (A Decade of Feral Media) (2012)
“Rose’s Lament (Gadget edit)” appears on Ghostly International Presents Moodgadget: The Nocturnal Suite (2009)


Emotions Mixtape
Mix for Triple J’s The Sound Lab (2009)
The Roland Gift (2007)
R&D mix (2007)


ABC – Poison Arrow (jazz club bonus screw)
Agitation Free – Ala Tul (Faux Pas edit)
30 minute Fire Walk With Me
“Angles” backwards
“Barry” backwards
“Casioing Waterfalls” – version of “Chasing Waterfalls
“Changes Pt 1″ – original intro to “Changes”
“Chatroulette” remix feat. Jess McGuire
Daryl Braithwaite – Horses (Time Poor edit)
“Dawson Mode” (Summer edit)
“Dorothy’s Finger” (demo version)
“Droner” – reworking of “Droned” by Phil Collins
“Guillotine Doom”
Hall & Oates – Maneater (Time Poor edit)
“Hand on the Bum”
Heart – Barracuda (Bazzacuda edit)
“I Logins Loggins”
“Into Trevor Jones”
Llapgoch – a mixtape
Lon Suder – “AM Radio”
“Love Me Blender”
Mix-Up for Modern People
Noiseworks in three minutes
“Rose’s Lament” in development -v1, v2, v3 and v4
“Seven Thirty Report Land” – a cover of the theme from The 7:30 Report
Triple J’s Next Chops
“Vanderbilt” demo
Weird Parties mixtape