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mashups… from 1983

Published on September 16, 2010

before there was freelance hellraiser, before there was dsico and go home productions, and waaaaay before there was girl talk… before you could simply drag and drop files into your sound program of choice and have them miraculously beat-matched, bands like slingshot and clubhouse were “dragging and dropping” cynical session musos into studios to create full recordings of 80s pop mashups.

if you’ve ever wanted to hear what it would sound like if kraftwerk collided with ac/dc – in 1983 and in detroit – you’ve come to the right place.

this track, by detroit disco/electro group slingshot was actually a re-recording of a mashup earlier attempted by italian disco act clubhouse. check out the vid below for a taste of clubhouse… steely dan’s “do it again” colliding with the ubiquitous “billie jean” riff, all delivered in glorious VHS courtesy of what appears to be the german version of “top of the pops” circa 1983.

of course, there’s an hilarious german michael jackson impersonator.

any other early 80s “mash-ups” come to mind?