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new faux pas mix set – and my track by track notes

Published on September 19, 2007

a month or so ago, declan from research and development (and also host of rrr‘s great against the arctic radio show) asked me to put together a mix for r&d’s latest issue, which went live today.

it was heaps of fun putting this together:

MP3: Faux Pas – R&D Listening Mix (from r-n-d.net)

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the last mix i put together was the one i did for triple j a few months ago, which was more of a kinda saturday night party vibe (well, the kind of party you could only have in your bedroom, i guess) – for r&d i had to do something different, so i tried to put together a pretty straight listening mix, not much in the way of home studio beatmatch trickery, just a bunch of songs i like, put together in some order that i hope is pleasing. the tracklisting can be found at the r&d site.

research and development is also hosting a second mix of mine, one from the archives – a shorter mix called “weird parties mix” which is full of wacky covers and oddball tunes. anyone who bought one of the first 50 or so copies of my faux feels EP (about two years ago now) will remember the mix cos i sent it out as a bonus cd. limited edition! well now its available to all. check research and development to download both mixes.

— — — —

people ask me sometimes where i find music from, so i thought i’d write up a few notes on this mix i’ve put together, maybe explaining a little bit about what led me to each individual track. i find out about most music these days through the blogs, so essentially this is a chance for me to give some shout-outs to some of the great blogs that i’ve now come to rely on to find out about good music. its also a chance for me to post up a whole bunch of other stuff, other mp3s that are related to the tracks i put in this mix. it feels like this blog has had a bit of an mp3 drought recently – i’m about to rectify that in a rather serious fashion.

i don’t want this to come off as conceited, i’m aware that this kind of track-by-track ramble is probably best left to the professionals, the true crate diggers or whatever, the historians, custodians. i’m doing this for fun, hopefully you get a kick out of it and maybe bump into some things you haven’t heard before. i’m of the opinion that music is to be shared, and i don’t really buy into the idea that things are somehow cooler or more worthy when they are known by only a few. if you’ve found the good stuff, you gotta spread it around, even if you don’t totally know what you’re talking about… otherwise we end up living in a world where everyone listens to powderfinger… mmm

anyway, once i got started on this track-by-track rundown, it got out of hand. so we’re getting daily on this thing..! strap yourselves in cos it starts tomorrow.

ooh one last thing, this kind of thing has been done many many times before both on and off the internet – but to highlight one in particular, my shot at it was partially inspired by dan seltzer’s rundown of his beats in space set – his write-up is far more insightful than whats about to take place and his selections i think much more interesting… you should check out his set and his comments.

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