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why there is no faux pas live show

Published on July 22, 2008

and probably never will be:

1. i don’t know how

2. i don’t like live music

3. the whole idea of doing it fills me with paralysing despair. this is what it looks like when i try to imagine how i could possibly translate my music into an enjoyable form of live performance:

there, its official. i have never ever intended for my music to be performed. if i ever implied otherwise, i’m sorry but i was lying. my music is not performance, it is production. there is much value in both forms of music – hooray for those blessed with the ability to align the two. to whoever it may concern – may you enjoy my recorded output for the years to come!


  1. jason says:

    i completely *completely* understand.

    respect. may the recorded form live on!


    x jase

  2. bob says:


  3. Van Bongo says:

    Can you borrow the Kraftwerk robots?

  4. Van Bongo says:

    (Leaves all your time free for bike riding or trans-continental rail travel, whatever you’d rather be doing.)

  5. joh-un says:

    I don’t see the reason for heads exploding.

    If you don’t do a live show, whatever.
    You don’t need to do a live show.

    A good song is a good song.

    A good record is what most people get into.

    I never ever saw a Nirvana concert, to put forward an old skool example, but jeepers creepers (where’d ya get dem beepers??) it didn’t stop me from buying every bloody album…

    You just need film clips and albums…

    The rest is to recoup record label costs… but you’re independent… make independent everything & who needs a live show in this age of blu-ray & pokie machines????????

  6. Tom says:

    Fair play I suppose, I’ll stop pestering you about it biannually. But maybe you could work with this Cronenberg thing…

  7. Eric says:

    You obviously haven’t seen me playing Changes on my knee-percussion mid-tramtrip

  8. Tim says:

    thanks everyone for your comments! to anyone who isn’t aware, jason, bob and tom all manufacture live sets of (at least partially, in some cases entirely) electronic music around town, and they do it well. check them out:


    @ von bongo – i think the kraftwerk robots are booked up. i’m instead going to get the mannequin from, well, the movie mannequin. did you know, mannequin was filmed at woolworths?

    @ joh-un – sound advice! but there is always a time from exploding heads. exploding heads are fun. i have to say the idea of extending the reach of faux pas into the world of poker machines is intriguing and, may i say, potentially a stroke of genius…

    @ eric – oh you’re that dude? i thought you were playing “state of the heart” by mondo rock