/// Est. 2005 /// RIP 2012 /// Faux Pas is Tim Shiel, an electronic music maker from Melbourne ///

recent demos

Published on October 14, 2010

i am now regularly posting new material on my soundcloud profile. below you’ll find a couple of my most recent uploads… go to the soundcloud for more. currently there’s 31 minutes and 36 seconds worth of post-noiseworks materials to listen to.

feel free to let me know which songs you think are and aren’t working, and why!

Becoming by Faux Pas

Everybody Knows by Faux Pas

Aches Water by Faux Pas


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  1. Jean Poole says:

    hey there – I’ll give your new music a little sometime – WHEN I’VE STOPPED USING UP ALL MY CONCENTRATION LOOKING AT THAT AWESOME ANIMATED GIF OVER AND OVER ( ollie high~! )